Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello! An introduction...

Well Hello!
I'm Romi, I'm a writer, huge reader and the author of this blog!
This blog is going to be a place where I write about my writing, what I'm doing with it, what I'm doing generally, stuff like that!

I'll tell you a bit about myself to start off:
I'm 14, from Tasmania, Australia, adore getting post, love Eco things and Organic products, I don't like being the same as others, I love different kinds of films, music and books... oh and I'm obsessed with Eurovision!
I aslo love animals, they are very amazing animals! And when I'm older I am sure to be getting a Greyhound, I just love them!
I'm a vegetarian and have stopped using Palm products because I want to do my bit to help save forests and animals.
I'm home educated and have never been to school, I just adore home schooling and... well I love it!

Some of my favourite authors are: Michael Morpurgo, Suzanne Lafleur, Lauren Child, Cornelia Funke, Lois Lowrey, Lian Tanner- author of up-coming hit series the Keepers, it's fantastic!

I write fiction and Fantasy children/YA books and have lots of different works in progress, I love sitting down and writing, it's amazing!
Getting published would be a huge, no massive, colossal (I could do this for a while!) thing to me, being able to see my work in print would be AMAZING to me and I love the idea of inspiring someone to become a writer!

Well I'll finish here,
Thanks for coming and I hope you keep on writing, or start writing!


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