Friday, December 17, 2010


Well, I've almost finished Pride and Prejudice, my mother read it last Summer and loved it and I'm absolutely obsessed with any film adaption of it, that type of novel really draws me in; such as:
Little Dorrit.
Most Austen books.

I just love the era and the style; the book is just fantastic, it's quite different in some places, I adore it! Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend, or today, I'm not bothered!
My favourite characters are Elizabeth and Darcy (naturally), Lizzie's such a believer in her rights and true love and also her opinions, and Darcy is at first not too pleasant, slightly smouldering, and then absolutely amazing! He's awesome! I can't wait until they meet again!

Wickham and Miss Bingley are my least favourites, I despise them!

And isn't the cover just a picture? I love it so much!
Oh, and my long story is going really well, the end is nigh as they say! (Who are they, anyhow?)
But yes, it's going smoulderingly well (I have that word imprinted in my mind now) and I'm just loving every minute of it, maybe soon I'll reveal more for you, because you are fantasticly amazing and I thank you again for supporting me! x
Have I mentioned at all that I have tonsillitis? Well I do, and it's not good; but when ever I can I write and that takes my mind into the story, and luckily the main doesn't have it also; thank gosh!

Well toodles my popkins!

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