Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some cool competitions!

You, yep you, can win a copy of Kim Harrington's latest novel; Clarity.
It sounds awesome and I advise you to enter; what is better then free books? More free books! And the love that your family gives you.
Another website that has a booky competition is This one!
And one I just, just found This Beth Revis (Author of upcoming YA novel Across the Universe) competition! It is EPIC! (100 prizes! ooh......)

And This is a list of new authors that are soon being published (mostly YA novels!)
Enter enter enter! (And read my other posts!)
P.S. Oh, and please go onto this website, it's called Free Rice and by working out what words mean you get rice which gets sent to people in need, it's amazing! Get the word around, please blog about it, or just tell anyone you know! (Including your entire extended family)

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