Friday, December 31, 2010

Far Flung adventures by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell...


The Far Flung adventures is a very different series from any you'll have read, unless you've read this series, there are three books in the series:
Fergus Crane.
Corby Flood.
Hugo Pepper.

I own all three of the books, and I have read them multiple times because they are just so amazing!
Being such an amazingly fantastic series, it makes it very hard to describe the books, but I'll try briefly describing the first book; Fergus Crane.
Well Fergus lives in The Archduke Ferdinand Apartments with his mother, who is quite teary since his father was lost at sea.
They are rather poor and his mother Home School's Fergus; which he loves more than anything! But then the Betty Jeanne School ship offers him a scholarship on board his mother takes it at once, she hardly has time in the day to teach him herself.
But the Betty Jeanne isn't all it seems, it's worse!
An amazing adventure follows, and I know that as soon as you turn the first page and read about Fergus's mother's legendary Florentine's, you'll be a fan and a big fan too!

What I thought:

Quite simply amazing! Paul and Chris have the most amazing way to writing and illustrating together and when they describe things you can basically see them right in front of you! Especially the food items!
I adored the series in it's whole and it's the kind of book you can read again and again! It's just Brilliant!

Happy reading and writing!

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