Friday, December 10, 2010

Writing thoughts and questions.

Well I just wanted to give you another update on my writing, it's going very well, a little but slowly but well!
I'm very happy with the rate I'm writing my longish novel, I like leaving it on my desk and then coming back and adding something to it, and I've also written little notes (In rather huge handwriting) through the notepad (I hardly never write stories on the computer, I didn't before but last year our family laptop got stolen (grrr) with an unfinished story I was working on only on the computer, that put me slightly off) because I think it is so much nicer to write in a notepad and then put it on the computer later, and I also may have a huge spurt of inventiveness and think of something to add to my story and someone else may be on the computer.
And handwriting enthrals me! A handwritten story seems so much more tender and niceish! (I'm all into my unusual words today, aren't I?!)
And I've just made it to my first note of encouragement, which is absolutely lovely and encouraging! I've written notes like: Keep going, get it done because you really want to and have a magnum as a treat!
So they're pretty groovy!

Well I'll write soon!

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  1. that is just so cute! i write on the computer, especially long things like the book i was writing. but i also love to write in my notebook. i can just sit where ever and write, i can even just stick it in my bag and take it with me.
    i'd like it more if i didn't have really messy, big hand writing.


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