Saturday, December 11, 2010

A little video from me!


I hope this video says it all; thank you. x
Oh, and I hope you like my new hairstyle too; I personally adore it! I haven't had it this short since I was about 5 and my hair was so thin and fragile that I had to have it kept even shorter!


  1. i love the hair, it suits you.
    Persnickety Snark is a blogger and thts exactly what i thought! it does sound like lemony snicket.

  2. that was one impressive comment. thanks.
    the word verification was turned off by cherry diva who co-runs the blog with me,she hasn't done anything in ages on it thou. i have no clue, but if you play round in settings long enough you'll find it.

    i didn't know about Alexa's comp/christmas countdown either! i got it from Inkcrush run by nomes. it's also only the 2nd year that it's been about.

    i started writing a book about 6 months ago and got to about 11 000 words, but then got stuck. i haven't worked on it in ages, school got in the way. i might start again over the summer holidays, but i can't figure out what comes next.

    merry christmas.


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