Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My next novel is about to take off...

When I was nearing the end of my last book, I was lying in bed and I had the idea for my next book, I got up and quickly wrote two words on a notepad that was on my desk and the next morning, upon seeing it, I remembered all the idea's from the night before.
My plan is for it to be a tale set in the time of the gods, there is a girl and a boy, the boy is in love with a goddess, the girl wants him to put right what he's done.
It may sound a tad confusing, but I don't want to give too much away at the present time!

Has anyone here heard of The Search for WondLa? It's by the man who helped create the realm of Spiderwick; Tony DiTerlizzi and I adore the cover! It's so cool!

I've got it from the library at the moment and I'm up to chapter 8, it's such a great book, very different from the any other kind of book that is currently around; it's similar to Spiderwick and also to the Edge Chronicles, I just love it so far!
It's about Eva Nine, she's lived a life in captivity (for her own good apparently, well that's what the robot who bought her up says, she's called Muthr) and only when disaster hits her Sanctuary does she go out into the real world, though it seems far from real; but she's alone, and doesn't know what to do...
It's a must read so far, so go and read it!

Well Toodles everybody!

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