Sunday, December 26, 2010

Plans for 2011...

After a magnificent Christmas time I thought I'd write a little about my plans for 2011; here you are then!

Lots of Writing.
Lots of Reading.
Lots of Blogging.
Lots of Getting better.
I'll be deciding what I'll be doing, as in what I want to be; but that will not be exactly decided next year.
Lots of being happy. (2010 had a lot of awesome times for me, but a lot of very hard times; and I was sick for most of the year to boot... I will not be letting you back in cold and general unwellness!)
Lots of interesting stuff.
Lots of new things such as: Boxing, new stories, new books to read, doing a few different things.
Lots of no grumpyness.
And probably lots of Change too! And you will be here to hear about it all! And I'll be here to hear about all about what will be happening with you! I can't wait! 2011 is a very promising year! And I'll be turning 15 in March too! On the 13th! How cool! When I turned 13, about a century ago, it was on Friday the 13; 13 on the 13, and a Friday as well! I was so hippity happity about it!

Toodles and write and read all through your holidays!

1 comment:

  1. i plan on lots of those things too.
    yes i am aware of how much i comment on your blog, but i just love it and can't help myself.
    lot's of no grumpiness sounds good to me.


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