Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some of my latest writing;

I've set myself the task of writing a long story, I'm going really well with it too!
I started doing  NaNoWriMo but I only heard about it halfway through and then the story I started writing for it couldn't go any further, I think I had written all of the story I could... I finished it sort of, I think I should do some more polishing on it, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
Well anyway, the long story I'm writing now is about a girl who works out she isn't who she wants to be; I'm currently helping her on her way to fixing that. ( :
AND at the same time I'm writing book 4 of my other series, so I'm quite busy actually! But I love being busy, busy, busy! It's fun! (Like tidying, I really like to tidy!)
Well I really just wanted to keep you up to date with my writing, but I don't think this will be a very long post if I finish it here, and I'd quite like it to be decently long so I'll write of 3 other things too!
First is inspiration; it's a funny thing, how it works, you can see something one day and it may not make a huge difference to you and how you see things, but you may see it the ext day in a different light and it will just make you want to write about something quite miraculous! (Or dance about or take pictures or anything else)
What are your inspirations, your very latest ones and some that are always there? I'd love to hear about them!

Second is... well I got a massively different haircut! It used to be about my shoulders and now it is very, very short! I would love to describe it but I think it would be far too hard and wouldn't do the haircut and fantastic hairdresser who did the cut any justice so; I just adore it! Thank you very much hairdresser!

And thirdly is a very exciting announcement! I'm going to have a very special author Q&A posted soon! I can't wait for it!

Well this is a very nice length for a post, so farewell and keep writing!

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