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Special, very very Special interview with...

Lian Tanner, has ever so kindly done an interview with me for this very blog! How lucky are we? In the EXTREME high levels of LUCKYNESS!!!
Lian Tanner is the Tasmanian author of  "The Keepers: Museum of Thieves", one of my all time absolute favourite books! (Which I also got as a proof copy to review!)
This is the interview; Thank you so, so much Lian!
Enjoy everybody!

R: How long did it take you to write The Museum of Thieves?

L: It took me three years and nearly twenty drafts. 

R:Where did you get the idea for the story from?

L: There were two major ideas behind Museum of Thieves. One was the idea of overprotected children, and the other was the museum itself. The idea about overprotected children came about because people were talking about it in the Australian media, plus there was a young boy in my street who was very overprotected, and I noticed how hopeless he was at doing the things that other children in the street could do, like climbing trees. The idea about the museum came from an article I read about the Hermitage Museum in Russia. There was an interview with one of the museum's curators, and he said something about the museum was so big that, when you were inside it, time seemed to stand still. The whole book sprang from those two things.

R: Had you always wanted to be a writer?

L: I've always loved both reading and writing, and when I was a kid I really wanted to be able to write the sort of books that I read. I also wanted to be a vet, and to breed Arab horses.

R: What were some of your first jobs?

L: My very first job was working in the corner shop when I was still at school. Then, the first time I went to University, I dropped out halfway through and did jobs like working in a spinning mill and picking strawberries. I hated it so much that I went back to Uni and finished my science degree. My first job that went for any length of time was teaching in Papua New Guinea, after I finished Uni. 

R: Did you use an agent?

L: Yes. Partly because I wasn't sure which publisher would be best for the book, and partly to speed up the process of finding a publisher. The whole thing is a lot quicker if you have an agent.

R: How long did it take to find Allen and Unwin?

L: My agent, Margaret Connolly, put the book up for auction shortly after I sent it to her, and we had offers from four different publishers. Allen and Unwin were one of them. So it only took a couple of weeks! 

R: How long was it before your book was ready to be put out for sale?

L: About a year and a half. We had to negotiate a timetable that allowed time for me to write the next two books in the trilogy, and still left enough lead time for the publishers to bring the books out once a year.

R: What is your favourite thing about writing?

L: For me, writing is like reading, only better. I love the bit when I'm first starting to think about a book, and ideas are jumping up and down shouting 'Choose me, choose me!' But I also love the later stages, when I'm actually writing the story, and unexpected things happen. And later still, when I'm editing, and I can feel things falling into place.

R: Have you always written stories?

L: Yes, ever since I was quite small. It's something I've always loved doing. It's very satisfying, creating something out of nothing.

R: Is there any news on your second book?

L: The second book, City of Lies, is now finished and with the various publishers, in Australia and overseas. So I'm starting to receive sketches of covers and of the characters, which is really exciting. The US cover looks as if it is going to be wonderful, and the character sketches are just gorgeous. Some of them are of characters that people already know, like Goldie, Toadspit and Bonnie. But others are completely new, so it's really interesting seeing what the artist, Sebastian Ciaffaglione, has done with them.

R: Have you been invited to lots of book signings and talks?

L: Yes, but have only been able to accept a few so far because I've been so busy getting the second book finished. I had a trip to the US earlier this year, and a trip to India in November, and they were both very exciting. There are a few things coming up in the new year as well.

R: Has anyone come up to you in the street and asked for an autograph?

L: No, but when I was walking to the shop the other day a boy stopped me and said, 'I'm halfway through your book and loving it. When I go to bed at night I feel as if I'm really in the museum.' 
That's the sort of thing that warms an author's heart!

R: Who would you have star in a film version of The Museum of Thieves?

L: I have no idea! I'd be interested to hear suggestions from people who have read it.

R: What are your favourite books?

L: Favourite children's books:
'The Power of Three' by Diana Wynne Jones
'The Sea of Trolls' by Nancy Farmer
Favourite YA:
The Thief of Attolia series by Megan Whalen Turner

R: What is one of your hobbies?

L: Talking to stray dogs.

You can visit the Keepers website Here 

Thank you so very much Lian!

Keep reading and Writing!

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