Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Briefest of Brief (though it probably won't be all that brief) updates...

I just wanted to give you a "brief" update on my writing status! Ooh! How positively exciting!

Ok, well I'm in between 4 (four) different projects at the moment;

*My diary series, which I haven't worked on in an age!

*My one involving the gods, which has turned into a more novella/picture book length I think.

*My story about the fox and the girl, which I need to write some more of!

*And a New (sparkly lights please!) item as well! I went away with my family to our beach house and walking back on the beach after swimming one day I had the idea for this new book!
It's quite utterly secret at the moment, but it is a totally new era style for me and is also very different to my other writings!

Well that is all; I hope you're all having the best of best holidays!
And I also have some more exciting news in the making, but that's still in the... making, so I'll let you know more when it's a bit more full of sureness! Suspense is my one weakness!


  1. i'm like that, i have lots of things i'm meaning to work on. but i never seem to get any of it done, especially in term time.

  2. yes, i have chosen, thanks for asking.
    in the end i chose Saving Francesca. it was a hard choice thou, i was torn betweem that and the book thief.


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