Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Matched by Ally Condie...

What I thought:
Matched is brilliant! At some points I thought it was a little bit slow or confusing because it switched back through time every now and then, but by the time I had finished it, I was so glad I'd read it! I loved the story, the characters.... I loved it! And there is a book 2 as well! (Not out yet)

Keep reading and Writing!


  1. so glad you loved this book Romi! and congrats on your blogger award!

    Hope you're having a good break from school!

    x Nomes

  2. i am reading it at the moment and think it's great, sort of creepy thou. it's so utopian that it's dystopian. scary. :)

    to put your award in the sidebar just click design. then click 'add gadget' where you want it to go, and then scroll through and click add picture. simple. :)
    (sorry if that doesn't make, i'm not good at giving instructions)


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