Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My writing update.

Hello Poppies! (Just another strange old fashioned like word I partly made up!)

My writings going well, I have almost finished my story with the gods (it's turned out to be more short novella like I think), well I think I have, it's probably going to surprise me though, just because I said that!
My Fox story is going well, I need to write some more of it though! Along with my diary series! I haven't done that for an AGE! (An Ice age in fact!)
And the other story (set in 1800s to early 1900s) is almost done as well! I'm so pleased with all my work, and I (of course) am still having heaps of ideas coming in ; I even thought of a song the other day, I'll see what I do with soon (ie hopefully today so I can have that done) !
And I also am a quite obsessive snail mailer, so I have two letters to reply to at the moment! I adore being busy! But not too busy, then I may get slightly stressy and headachy; which isn't good... at all!

Ok, now here is some colossal news for you... (those dots represent a dun dun dun in a deep rumbly voice, please read it again so you can get that particular vibe through) I'm going to be adopting an Orang-Utan!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so so so so so so so excited about it! I'm doing it through The Australian Orangutan Project and it's only $55.00 AUD per year!
It's something I'm very passionate about, and I'm thinking when I'm older that I might do something with animal re-hibilatation (as well as writing, I never want to completely give that up) and working with orphan animals... so I've finally found a good website and now I just have to choose which one I'll adopt; I'll put a picture up as soon as I choose!
Ok, must go now and choose,
Romi. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. that is so cool you are adopting an orangutan! I'm really impressed :)

    and congrats on all the writing going well!

    love nomes

  2. that is soo cool!!!! your going to have an oranutan. wow :)
    that is a lot of writing, i am never that good. i finished a poem and a short story last week and was happy. you should send it submissions to voiceworks. they publish a magazine of all under 25s work every 3 months.
    i love those pictured. is the bottom one shaun tan?


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