Monday, January 31, 2011

Special Post on Lazy Days by no other then me!

Well I thought I'd just give you a brief (I wish I wouldn't always say brief, I hate being brief!) update and tell you all that I did a guest post on a blog called Lazy Days! How very exciting, though you should know, the girl who runs Lazy Days is in actual fact, my older sister, Lili! So it was actually not by her choice that I did a guest post, it was by my choice! Though I don't think she minded too much! To read my post go to Lili's Lazy Days!
 That's my sister! And her daughter, Edie; I adore them both! Indeed, just to show how very much affection I hold for them I regularly look after Edie for short periods of time (and long, not really by in Lili will be there too) and at the moment I'm entertaining her with Katy Perry's song Hot and Cold running through the computer to settle her! Strange choice I know, but it's quite a long story and it's the ONLY Katy P song I like.
So yes, I spammed Lili's blog with my words, pictures, descriptions and quotes! How lovely! Apparently I'm quite similar to Luna Lovegood and Emma Watson's new haircut! Oh yes!

Now, my writing, yes of course! Well gussess of guessaronie I have started yet another story! It's a detective series, each novel is planned to contain 3 short storys staring a young girl secret detective; I came up with the story idea with my brother and finally got around to writing! For now I will call it The Case Files of Prunella Spikes! How do you like it? Prunella because she's soft and Spikes because she is alike spiky! And Guess what! (Again!) I'm writing it on my New glitzy (vintage in fact) typewriter! (New because I've just gotten it a few days ago from Ebay! Not because it's actually new!)
I adore writing on it, it's so different from hand or computer (which I don't like at all), and I'm going smashingly! And I've also got a special writing hut! We've transformed my old Cubby house into my Writers Retreat and I love going out there and writing for ages at a time!
So now, I have 2 typewriters (both old and lovely), one from Ebay and one from the under $100.00 dollar ads in the newspaper! YES! AMAZINGLY GREAT!
And here they are!

And lastly before I have to go into town, I'm currently reading the most amazing, funny and pretty much classic book ever! My family, and other animals by Gerald Durrell; it is amazing! 


  1. my family and other animals is supposed to be brilliant.
    i've never typed on a type writer, but i think it would be cool, kind of classic and vintage. that said though, i love writing in my pretty day dream/night dream note book. and the brilliance of the computer is the fact that i can just go back and change things, which is nessasary with me because i can't even write in one tense let alone spell correctly.

    your niece is adorable :)

  2. i wrote a post about my writing, mainly my book on my other blog, Anna Banana. here's a link
    i'd love it if you took a look.

  3. thanks :)
    i know i'll just keep writing, i think i might do a little character work today, rereading guitar highway rose has inspired me. then tomorrow i'll try and write more. i think i'm just worried about going back to school and it's clogging up my mind.

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog! I LOVE yours:) Following you now!

  5. Great typewriters Romi :) Thanks for coming over to my blog, and best of luck in the Jane Austen story contest!!!

  6. Oh, and "Prunella Spikes" is a fantastic name!

  7. Wow a typewriter! I've actually never seen one in person before. Thanks for inviting me to your blog, it's lovely here.

    P.S Edie is as adorable as her name is. :)


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