Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things I love... a list! YAY!

Ok, this is a sort of list of things I love- sort of because I will probably most likely (a new word! PML!) think of heaps more later, so Probably most likely is a good thing for me to put down!

*My family.

*Beda, the orang-utan I adopted.





*Being Happy.

*My blog.

*Everyone who reads my blog. ( :



*Camping at home- we're doing it this weekend!

*Grand movies.





*Eco stuff.

*Vintage stuff.

*My pen pals.


*A new thought.

*A new story.

*Thoughtful art.


*The thought of helping animals.

*Having my novels published.

*Taylor Swift's music.

*Dappled light.



*Old fashioned words.

*Cool words.


*BBC Masterpieces.

*Pretty unusual pictures.

*My Life.

*My characters.

*Things that make me happy.

*Vintage bathing suits.

There, nice and lengthy! READ AND WRITE...DON'T FORGET!

1 comment:

  1. that is a great list. can you give me an example of a grand movie?
    i have vintage style bathers, i love them.


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