Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busyness is actually emanating from me and my surroundings! What a to-do! Golly Gosh!

I'm just so absolutely busy at the moment, so busy in fact, that I just had to Tell you all!
I knew you would appreciate it immensely!
Well, here are the reasons for my utter busyness-

1. I have just started back at my school work, which seems so busy now that I don't have the whole day basically free-but I am glad to get back to it too!

2. I am going to be writing an article for Good Reading magazine...that will be published in GR magazine and the YA version- Spine Out! I am so utterly overwhelmed about it! So you must buy the GR magazine when it comes out, ok? Please! ( :

3. I feel totally overwhelmed with my writing at the moment on top of everything else.

4. I need to put one of my stories onto the computer so I can enter the Text Prize- it's the story about the girl who is involved in mystery, though I will most likely also have to get the word count up to 25,000 in time to enter!

5. I don't want to stop blogging or not write for ages...I hope never to.

And I am slightly worried that I will run out of time for reading and doing everything else, but I think it will all be fine once I start on the GR thing and get the beginning of my story onto the computer...hopefully.

Well, I best be off so I don't get behind for the day (though everyone who knows me personally will know that I never get behind, I'm quite particular about keeping up with everything!)


  1. Congrats!! Sounds like an amazing time right now. I hope the good times and inspiration keep coming your way. :)

  2. i'm like that, i just have lots of stuff do to and end up doing none of it.
    can you do a post with all the book covers in your poll so we can compare and vote? i know i'm being lazy, but it would be easy to have them all in one place.


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