Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here is an absolutely amaz-didily-daddily Q&A with...guesses of guess!

Jackie French! You are about to read a lovely of loveliness Q&A that I did with Jackie French!
Thank you ever so much Jackie; I hope you all enjoy reading!

*What are you currently writing?

Nanberry: Black Brother White, a true story of extraordinary people in the early Sydeny colony, a boy who became both Cadigal warrior and sailor; a convict brat who became a hero of waterloo; a woman reprieved from the gallows to become the wealthiest and perhaps best loved woman in Australia.
Out in September, A and R/ harper Collins

*Who would you have star in a film version of A Waltz for Matilda?

Absolutely no idea!

*What character in any of your books do you think you are most like?

A touch of Mrs Puddleham in The Night they Stormed eureka; a small bit of Auntie Love in a Waltz for Matilda, and perhaps Matilda too. But no character is made of one person.

*Do you ever base a character on someone you know, a friend, family?

Only once, the bus driver Mrs Latter in Hitler's daughter.

*What was your favourite job before you became published?

Cooking at various restaurants; farming vegetables  to supply restaurants; sheep farmer. The echidna milking would have bene best if the funding hadn't dried up.

*What was it like being a Gopher for a Private Detective?

Part boredom- you find a missing person usually by looking up the phone book or electoral roll. Sometimes heartbreaking, as those were the days of 'guilty' parties in divorce, where bashed women would be hiding in case their husnands found them and divorced them for desertion- and thus had custody of the children. But with the help of the University legal aid it as possible to help them.

*If you had to choose a number of books to write and then had to stop, how many would you go?

I'll be writing till the breath leaves my body, and possibly a few seconds more

*What is your favourite book to movie?

None, i think- the movies and books are such different things. I love the pride and Prejudice series for example, but it seems nothing like the book, which I also love,  apart from some plot overlaps.
it's like Hitler's daughter, the Play- it's not the book i wrote, though it began there. it moves me every time i see a new production. Each new actor or producers creates a different art work from it.

*What one author do you particularly look up to?

socrates, since i was seven and found his words on the living room shelf. Integrity, the courage to die without recanting, the generosity of spirit to teach the young to question and look at the world about them.

* Can you please describe one of your books (any of your choice) in five words?

A Waltz for Matilda: the women's stories we've forgotten

*And lastly What makes you keep writing?

The joy of creating, the fascination that keeps me examining the world and it's species, the love of crafting words, the chance to vanish into 1,000 universes, some of them mine.

Thank you again Jackie!

Keep reading, being inspired and writing,
And thanks to everyone who voted on my poll, thanks very much!


  1. amazing :) i love jackie french. diary of a wombat and rose for the ANZAC boys, what could be better.

  2. wow ~ what an awesome interview Romi! I adore Jackie French! I love all the questions you asked her and really enjoyed reading her responses. I hope she never stops writing too!

  3. This was a wonderful! The questions revealed things outside a typical interview, and it was a pleasure to read. Thanks to Jackie and Romi :)


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