Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Family and other Animals By Gerald Durrell review...

What I thought:

I first saw the film version (the one with Imelda Staunton, also known as the all evil Umbridge in Harry Potter) I just adored it, such an eccentricly amazing family in the most trying situations, they are totally loveable and just the sort of family that you at once love!
The book is everything the movie is and more besides, it is full of smiles and laughter, happiness, rage (mostly from Larry, Leslie and Spiro mind you), full of animals and full of everything that comes with a family who have moved from England to Corfu.
It is Officially my all time favourite book, ever! I am now just trying to decide on the cover that I like best, because there are so many!
The copy my family owns is the rather smashing one up there.

And it is absolutely full up of amazing names for animals, such as: Quasimodo, Achillies and Widdle and Puke (the dogs)- you see, after reading those names a few times, you will want to buy a dozen copies of the book, correct?
I honestly think I have too long been deprived of the Durrell affect that comes with his books.

Keep reading, writing and Blogging.
And let me know at once if you are going to read My Family and Other Animals too, I'd love to know!

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