Saturday, February 5, 2011

Update so everyone doesn't think I've left you, which I haven't, of course.

I finished My family and other animals, it is my favourite book in the world, which seems starnge because I love so manny, but when I finished it I felt so nice, so accordingly I'm reading the sequel now! Which seems just as good! And as well, I have decided to go to Corfu when I'm older, I'll b lliving there for a few years I think! It'll be just lovely!
Doesn't it look just amazingly magnificent! I'll be living their  with my Greyhound, I'm really looking forward to it!

Well I have to go in a second so I'll just say that I think I've finished one story and the rest is going really splendidly!
Toodles Poppies!


  1. those are lovely pics, especially the last one. i hadn't realised how massive the rocks were until i noticd the boat, its a very clever picture.

  2. Wow, great photos! They make me want to visit (I could use a break from the Colorado winter here in the US). Sorry to hear you won't be able to enter the Jane Austen contest, but I'm sure there will be other opportunities!


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