Friday, March 11, 2011

Moving books....

I read a book last year called The Worst thing she ever did by Alice Kuipers; it's about a girl who had been involved in a big accident and doesn't know what to do.
She insists on being alright, she pushes herself and doesn't know what's going wrong with her.
Everyone seems to have changed, her best friend is ruining her own life and no one seems to care about the girl; the one who went through everything, everyone seems to be too worried about themselves.
It's a wonderful book and though some of the themes (alcohol and anirexia) are hard to read through, the style of writing and the way it is told through a teenage girl's eyes makes it a lot easier.
It's full of emotion and is a must read.

I have a book out from the library, 13 Reasons Why and it's about a girl who comitted suicide herself because of all the pain and loss that she had suffered and the fact that everytime she tried to make a new friend, put hope onto someone, they let her down.
All this girl wanted was to be able to fit in and have someone she could rely on, but everyone let her down.
In the end, when she had a chance, she couldn't bare the thought of being let down again and so let it slip by.
She died.
I admit that I don't like all the themes in this book, I won't read it all because of parts of the story; but how can someone like a story in which someone has killed herself to get away from everything awful and hurtful, how can anyone like a story in which a girl who killed herself left a set of tapes to be passed onto everyone who hurt her, caused her pain-even her counseler who didn't care enough to stop her.
I don't like it, it is moving and heartwrenching.
It is killing.
It is death.
It is full of pain.
And saddness.
It is moving.
It is a book that I hope changes things.


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  1. when i say i love or like a book, i usually don't mean the actual story and events, i usually mean the book as a whole thing, that i thought it was good and that other people should read it.
    i have read the worst thing she ever did and i thought it was amazing. and there were parts i actually liked because it did have a happy ending and i loved how she slowly and naturally moved on. it was realistic, but very nice somehow.


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