Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ok, here is my writers retreat! YAY! Meet Hes and Bobby!

This is my most amazing writers retreat, formally my cubby house, it is just lovely!

I made a garden for myself!

My desk of inspiration!

Hessy and Bobby (they don't like pictures being taken)

That's Bob, he's gold and Hessy's multi!

They're the best!

Let know what you think!


  1. i love it!
    it would look amazing with flowers and other plants blooming in the garden. you coud you climbling ones at the back, like sweet peas, they smell beautiful. :)

  2. one thing, i was reading your book list and i think there's a typo. you've written adrian mile not adrian mole. sorry, i'm a real pedant, which is very hypocritical considering i can't spell.

  3. wow.

    i love it

    it's really very cool! it kind of makes me jealous, haha


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