Thursday, March 10, 2011

So Sorry...

I'm awfully sorry for the huge LACK of posting recently from moi, but I can assure you it was not due to my lack of interest.
I've been super dooper busy recently and have had a probable minor case of bloggers block, but I'll be back in action soon- ok?
And it's quite possible that something super exciting will come with my being back online and writing again; who likes compo's?? (Being competitions with books)?? ME! And seeing as it's my birthday on Sunday-yes, this sunday, the 13th of this week!!! I'll be fifteen (15!!!!) YAY! I'm so excited!!!! I'll do a post showing me as the 15 year old; but for now, I have to settle with going to the orthodontist, yay (see my utter excitement, with capitals and !!!marks? yay

Lovingly your buddy for books,

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  1. i always get bloggers block and forget to post, don't worry about it. :)
    thanks for your advice. i'm not really going to take it, because i feel our situations are quite different. i think i just needed to write it all out.
    all that happened was that we moved to different schools and drifted apart because we never saw each other. then he got a facebook account last year and made th mistake of jumping straight in and thinking things would be exactly the same. and then i overreacted and swore to myself i would stop embarrasing myself by never talking to him. see, nothing really bad happened. i think if i just comment occasionally or chat one friday night it could be nice. i'd like to see if we still had the same sense of humour.
    thanks xxx


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