Saturday, March 19, 2011

Writing Progress and Bob and Hester.

Now  I  should  warn  you,  this  post  will  probably   be  mostly  double  spaced,  see,  I'm  doing  it  now!
I've  been  trans-scribing,  as I  like  to  call  it,  my  novel  for  the Text  publishing  competition  onto  the  computer  for  the  last  hour  and  as  I  have  to  double  space  everything,  I've  gotten into  the  habit  of  it.
It's  going  very  well,  though  it  does  seem  quite  a  slow  progress,  it  takes  me  about  an  hour  just  to  put  a  chapter  on,  probably  because  of  all  the  notes  and  things  I've  added  along  the  side of  my  manuscript  and  because  me  writing on this  one  is  abnormally  smallishly  small.
But  I'm  not  too  sure.
Wait,  I  am  in  my  writers  retreat (in  the  vain  hope  that the internet connection wouldn't work out here and I wouldn't get  distracted) and  the  chickens are  messing  up  my  new  fabbity fabulous garden...oh no, they've gone now.
So yes, it's going marvellously, I've finished revising (going through the manuscript by hand and touching it up here and there) which is fantastic, but only time will tell how many words I'll have to add at the end... I'm slightly  interested and maybe a little, well not concerned but a step below that, about how much I'll have to add to it... I'll keep you posted.
Now, a few days before my birthday I got two Fish, I named them Hester and Bob and they live in my Writers Retreat and are absolutely lovely! (They're goldfish)
They are the sweetest things and seem to understand me perfectly, I love watching them!
Now I just need a Hedgehog/porkipine/echidna as everyone persists in telling me they're called. They're actually hedgehogs, really.
Oh, and my booklist for 2011's going smashingly well, for a moment I was slightly worried about getting through it all, even though it's only March, but now I'm happy with it again! (I finished Narnia today, such a lovely book!
Well, I best be off!
Tra-la! (not T rah but tarla)


  1. I love the pictures! Good luck with the Text Publishing contest!

  2. Good luck with the competition! I love all books by C.S. Lewis. Also, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your comments on my blog. They mean so much to me!

  3. oh, i love harry potter :) that sign is fabulous.
    good luck with the competition.
    your writer's retreat sounds very pretty, with the flowers and animals and fish. can we see pictures??

  4. i've only read if i stay by gayle foreman, but i really liked it. i thought it was such a clever idea and beautifully written.
    where have you gotten a job? :D

  5. Best of luck to the competition! Say hello to Hester and Bob for me :)

  6. No problem! And yes, I am from Ireland! Not the north though! I'm from the south :) Looking forward to future blog posts! Amy x


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