Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My entry into an awesome competition! Yay!

There are amazingly awesome prizes, I hope you enjoy this, and enter yourselves!

1.My favourite season: I don't have one, they are all so amazingly beautiful and unique...I couldn't have just ONE!

2.My personal style: would be unique, some would say slightly odd, but I say unique-if I love something, I'll wear it, as in with my new Totoro beanie, I adore it!

3.1 weird thing I can do: Sing! It's weird because I never really knew that I could!

4.Rain or shine: a sun shower! Best of both worlds!

5.A flaw of mine: I get annoyed and cranky really easily...which I hate.

6.Favourite Music: Taylor Swift most absolutely!

7.Have you made a decision you instantly regretted?: No... I wouldn't want to regret something I did that much.

8.Who do I admire: Taylor Swift, Gerald Durrell and Jane Goodall.

9. Won an unlimited supply of: Books!

10. If I were an animal what would I be: either a totoro, a bird of some sort, a tiger or an orang-utan.

11. If I knew I was going to die in a year: I would make sure I became all the things I wanted- no, did all the things I wanted. And never be crotchety!

12.Your now very rich, what would you buy/spend your money on?: Firstly a house in Corfu for me to live in, then I'd donate tonnes of it to different nature organisations ect and conservation societies and projects.

13. Classical music- love it!

14. Phobias?: Heights and Darkness vaguely.

15. Go somewhere for a year?: Corfu!!!!

16. Extrovert/introvert?: huh? maybe a bit of both.

17. Perform on stage?: Yes! I used to HEAPS!!!

The site where you can enter is:http://ofhorsefeathers.blogspot.com/2011/04/liquid-sunshine-giveaway-blog-party-is.html

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