Monday, April 18, 2011

Ooh! Lookie!

My dear readers and buddieos,

Firstly you ought to know that I may not be posting until around the 22nd because the internet connection is appallingly slow paced at the moment (due to to many little monsters sucking out all the power from my very computer... or maybe that's just what I think..?) so beware... and I can't get to my emails with out lots of tiresome waiting waiting waiting, so I'll get back to your comments around about a soonish time... hopefully! Or maybe I can do it another way... we'll see.
Now, to business-

I am extremely excited about this amazing thing that has occurred! I've had my very first Q&A! I was asked a few very extrodainaryly (um... spelling error maybe?) amazingly spiffy questions by the awesome Broede Carmody from Listening to the Ants Scream  which I implore you to look at, it was such a larkity lark! Broede is also the one who has said he will steal/borrow my converses, which I note are now in a high security bank, so that's a no go.
Well, they're not really, but let's just not mention them again... agreed?
So my very first Q&A, I'm so excited about that! Thanks for asking me Broede! I had a lot of fun!

I am very pleased with how my second and final revision is going, the Text entry's open on the 2nd of May and I'll be finished revising soon, which is fantastical!

I've got an idea for my Voiceworks magazine submission, so hopefully I will be able to start on that today! It'll be grand to be writing new again, I haven't for an age!

And I've something very excitement filled for you, but I'm going to actually let you guess until I publicly announce it... fully.
Well I've got a very exciting and bookish competition on the way, so grab all your friends and school teachers and dog owners and people who like books, reading and writing and please spread the word, because I would adore this to be as huge as possible, to be all the more fun!
Get ready for a marvy competition! It's going to be so fun!

Well, I best be off!
More writing soonish!
P.S. Thanks for all the comments on my Nerds post glad you liked it! I heart it myself personally! Wootitioot!
Now, if anyone calls someone anyone else a nerd in my hearing I'll be like "Oh don't you know? Nerds like are are allowed  to me unironically enthusiastic about stuff. You see, nerds are allowed  to love stuff, like jump up and down in your chair can't control yourself love it. So when you say we're nerds, what you're really saying is that You like stuff. Which is honestly not a good insult at ALL  that's like saying, look, you're too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness, and that's rubbish... and anyhow, it's up to me!" Yeah!


  1. I would just like to say that I have had experience breaking into high security bank vaults. The converses will not be safe.

    That is all.

  2. i love voiceworks, but i'm struggling at the moment, my ideas just won't come together. i just can't get started, it's infuriating! you ever had this problem?


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