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Q&A filled with awesomosity with.....

The very nice Broede Carmody (and the one who wants my Converses) did a Q&A with me and I did one with him; Broede is an aspiring writer and is writing a novel during his gap year, this is the amazingly fun and funny Q&A I did with his! It was such a larkity lark!
ENJOY and Thanks Broede! I had a great time, and you can't have my Converses, absolutely not!

Q1.What was it like being a judge at the 2010 Inky's?

It was fantastic to be one of the judges for the 2010 Inky Awards. I was in the midst of Year 12 last year, and so to have something like that I could escape to was really important for me. There's nothing like running away from the world through a good book--and I met so many nice people and authors. When we received the books in a big cardboard box, it was like having another birthday or an early Christmas! In terms of a favourite book, I honestly didn't have one. But in saying that there were some that I enjoyed better than others, but I also tried to keep in mind that I was judging on behalf of a wider audience. So basically I just loved them all.

Q2. How is your book going?

I'm working on a YA novel this year, mainly as it's my GAP Year and I don't have schoolwork in the way all the time, and also partly because I got a laptop for my birthday earlier this year. It's going great: I decided to drop all expectations, all previous novel ideas, and just start with something fresh and exciting. I also (right from the outset) decided to aim small; two pages a night is great, one page a night is the minimum. I know this is a really lowly goal, but I work full time at a law firm and Saturdays I teach swimming, so on one hand while I don't have Year 12 to worry about anymore, I probably have less time overall to write creatively. Plus it's nice to achieve any sort of goal, no matter how small, and knitting up those chapters slowly has given my time to think about it deeply, think of new directions that it could flow to. It alternates between the perspectives of two teenagers (like some of my favourite YA books). To sum it up for you I would say it's about a girl with amnesia, who just wants to remember, and a boy surrounded by personal tragedy, whose only wish is to forget

Q3. When you started writing, what age group did you expect your novel to go for?

I've always written, for as long as I can remember. When I started writing the YA novel that I'm workin gon now, though, I guess I expected it to be just that: a book about young adults for young adults (consequently, also written by a young adult). But as I progress I'm not so sure. I know plenty of older people who adore YA, and plenty of young people who adore books for an older market--so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Q4. What makes you want to blog?

Basically I started my blog to post up interviews with authors from the 2010 Inky Awards. But I also maintain it in order to read what other writers are doing and saying, so I guess a major part of it is also feeling part of the Australian literary scene. It's great to read an author's latest book, but it's even better to see what they have to say about ordinary, mundane things as well. It reveals a lot about the person. 

Q5. What is the best thing about being published (the thought) to you?

I think the best thing about being published would be having people read (and hopefully enjoy) my work. But mainly I write for enjoyment--whether I publish or not I will still be the same person, and I will still write. I think if I got to choose a second best thing about being published it would be the opportunity to (hopefully!) present at writers' festivals. That would be neat because you would meet so many like-minded people

And lastly Q6. If your book was made into a film, who would you want acting the mains?

I have no idea who I would want to act in the main roles! But I think it would be exiting to have some fresh faces, say a pair of Australian teens who have never been in a lead role before, but have an abundance of talent.

I had a really fun time doing this Q&A, so thanks again Broede!

Keep writing (I've basically finished my VoiceWorks submission and I've finished the Double revision on my text entry!) and Reading,
P.S. The internet is better due to more gig or something like that being bought.


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