Monday, May 2, 2011

Chasing Odysseus Info time...

Well I did say I wouldn't be blogging for a while, but I am going to a little earlier than expected.

My Chasing Odysseus competition is being extended, to the 7th of May and I am urging you all to enter, because Chasing Odysseus is truly an amazing story- you may not think tales of Greek people is for you, but trust me (and you should, because have I ever let you down?) it is really, an amazing book.... you'll love it!And it's got a really awesome cover!; to get your really rallied up for it, I'm going to do a post about it! YAY!

About Chasing Odysseus: (i.e Synopsis)

When the Greeks seem to leave the war torn (and it is after 10 years of war) city of Troy decides to celebrate.... bringing, the seemingly kind gift in the shape of a huge wooden horse, into the gates.
Inside are some of the best Greek fighters, including Odysseus, a very strong fighter and with a very cunning mind.
Once the party is fully fledged the men come out and start to kill all the innocent people around them...
The good Herders of Troy secretly enter the inner city and start helping all the rest of the citizens out and to safety, only to be claimed as traitors.
The three brothers, Cadmus, Lycon and Machaon and their sister Hero set out together on a quest to find Odysseus and get the name of the Herders back, before it's too late...

What I thought:

I didn't know if I would like Chasing Odysseus, not being a huge fan of Greek tales at that time- I was mostly drawn to it because I just adored the cover, dark blues, with wolves and a watercoloury feel to it, it seemed nice and interested me.
But I was enthralled by it, it is such an amazing story, of family, trust, friendship and amazing boats. (which would be grand to have when stranded on a desert island.)
I felt like I myself was going to each island with the siblings and it always was welcoming, I never felt bored or tired of the story.
It really is, an amazing read!

This competition is closed!
Why you love books
What they mean to you in your life
Why you want to read Chasing Odysseus  and
a brief description of what your life would look like without them.

I will confirm entry has been received when I get each one!

The winners will each be requested to do a review of Chasing Odysseus once read, which will then be published on this blog and on the Publishers website too.

Can you please possibly blog about this competition on your blogs, to help get the word around.
Thank you!

Keep reading,

I entered the Text competition today! Yippie! I'm so excited.
And tonight is going to be one of the saddest nights of TV history, Nick Ronan from Heartbeat is going to be leaving, along with his new wife Jo and daughter, Katy.
It's heartbreaking and I'm going to cry, I know it.... and his first wife only died a title while ago, soon after Katy was born....
I don't know what I'll do... a tribute post on The Dreamy Tree must be done... 

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