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Chasing Odysseus Winner's Reviews...

Howdie Doodie,

You know how I had the Chasing Odysseus competition a while ago? Well I've got both of the winner's reviews and this is where I'm officially sharing them!
Firstly, what Imogen from Dancing With Dragonfly's... this is what she thought... (first is answers to some questions and second is a review...)

Out of 5 what would you rate it? I'd rate it about four, four and a half. There are a few small things that I wasn't quite happy with, but nothing major. Overall it was a good story.

Would you recommend it/read it again? Yes I would, whole heartedly.

Who was your favourite character? Machaon

What was your favourite thing about the book? The way it showed the Greek and Trojan heroes as ordinary men, rather than some sort of perfect man. Also that fact that the four herdsmen always stuck together and looked out for each other.

Had you ever read anything like it before? No, I hadn't read anything quite like it.

Will you read book 2 when it comes out? Yes, if I can get a copy.

“Chasing Odysseus” is a new take on the old story of the Trojan War. After the war has ended, the Herdsmen, ever loyal to the Trojans, are accused of betraying Troy. Four young Herdsmen set out on a quest to get Odysseus to acknowledge that it was he who found a way into Troy without the help of the Herdsmen.

The heroes, instead of being perfect in every way, have believable characters and faults. I love that. No other book that I’ve ever read has portrayed these characters in such an interesting and enjoyable way.

I loved the four Herdsmen’s dedication to each other, and especially to Hero. I especially liked Machaon, who went through so much and could still keep smiling and questing. I have to say though, that the boat runs close behind Machaon in favourites. A magical boat is something special, and this one is so endearing. I couldn’t help worrying about it when seas were rough.

Overall I thought it was a really good read. I didn’t want to put it down once I had started reading. I would definitely recommend this book wholeheartedly to my friends. I look forwards to reading the second book when it comes out.

And here is what Arielle from Bloggy Balog's review and answers...

*What was your Favourite Part of the Book?
That's a hard one because there were so many parts that were fantastic. When Machaon stood up and took Lycon’s place and his whipping, and how he did it; when Hero went back for her brothers and saved them just in the nick of time; the whole ordeal at the end when they caught up with Odysseus at the Phaeacian island and made friends with Nausicaa and Demodocus. I was so torn up inside that Mac had to leave Nausicaa even though it was clear they had a connection!

*Who was your Favourite Character?
Machaon. He is just, like, the ultimate MAN. His attributes, his... everything is just how I would imagine a great husband, son, father, best friend, and all round person. 

*What did you feel as you read it?
I felt like I was in a different world and it was all that mattered. 
I was nervous for Hero when she had to sail alone, I was cheering for the sons of Agelaus to stay alive when they were Greek captives, I mourned with all four of them when Agelaus was killed, and my heart ached for those Herdsman back home that had to deal with Scamandrios.

*Were there any bits that you didn't like?
I’ve been wracking my brain for over a day now trying to remember or think of something I didn’t like and I honestly can’t. I’m sorry I can’t provide any criticism! The only thing would be the few spelling/typo errors but there really weren’t very many so that is the only, tiny thing I could think of.

*Will you be getting the next book when it comes out?
Totally! Chasing Odysseus ended in a way that I can't not know what has happened to the Herdsmen back home.

Chasing Odysseus was a really fun read. It incorporated many of my favourite elements in stories - adventure, fantasy, Greek mythology, family and just constant excitement! 
I thoroughly enjoyed encountering the many different mythological creatures with the children of Agelaus. And I absolutely loved Hero and her older brothers Machaon, Cadmus and Lycon. 
I couldn't help but adore each of her brothers even more every time they did or said something that showed they love and care for their sister, Hero. Lycon and Cadmus provided comic relief, even through tragic times of adversity. Humour is really important to me so I’m so glad SD Gentill was able to magically weave some in.
And I really must mention that I was delightfully surprised at how easily and how early on I connected with the characters. I immediately adored Machaon, and I literally cried when he took Lycon's place in the beginning! Never in any book I've read have I begun to care so much for characters right from the get go as I did for the sons of Agelaus in Chasing Odysseus.

I'm so glad that you both enjoyed it so much! I personally can't wait for book 2, Trying War to come out! 

There will be heaps more posts next week, so pop by and say hi... ok now I'm rhyming... never a good thing... or maybe it is! I'm off to write a novel! YAY!

(More on that soon!)



  1. Sounds like a great book! I'll have to check it out. :)

  2. I was looking of a novel simple like that so i can read it because it's difficult to me to read the epic poem , even in italian or arabic.. I prefer read the same story as a novel.
    Lovely blog.. good luck. <3

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by- I hopethat this bok will maybe prove to be a good way to get into the story! I actually ended up reading The Odyssey soon after reading Chasing Odysseus for the first time, because I was so inspired, and it was difficult, but interesting to see how the two are different and yet still have the thread that binds them as original and retelling.


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