Friday, June 3, 2011


Hello poppies,

Honestly, I wasn't going to post until the competition I am currently running here was finished (tomorrow! Excitement!) but I really wanted to, so I've made an exception.
Firstly, Enter the competition! It closes tomorrow, Australian time! Open to everyone!  Go here!

Well, Winter has officially set in here, though most peopel it's just Summer- I have no idea how Winter this year will be... it's a total mystery, because all the seasons are weird this year and it feels like Winter's already finished... you never know though, maybe it will snow in my town!

You may've noticed some changes on my blog/s recently (the slash was intentional, by the way)- I've added pages! YAY! Make sure you have a look at them and tell em what you think! I'm very excited!

The John Marsden Prize for Young Writers has officially opened, all the details are here.
I'm pretty sure of what I'm going to be entering, I just have to transcribe it from my notebooky thing that it's in onto the computer! I'm looking forward to that!

The Text Publishing competition has oficially closed, so now I just have to wait! Excitement!

Erm... aah yes, has anybody here heard of Boomerang Books? It's this online, cheepish, bookstore, well they have this thing called the Boomerang Books Critic Club, where you get the change of reviewing upcoming books and what have you... well to enter you have to review three titles on their website and then fill in this form- I did and was the first to get admitted! So far I've signed up to get three books- though there is a list of people who sign up for the same book and once they've read it (time limit is a week) they send it to the next person and it goes on like that, so no keepies sadly.
So I'm waiting on them... I'm number 7 in one, 2 in another and 1 in another... intreguing, no?
Interested? Go here for more details- let me know if you sign up!

Umdidum... well that's about all!
I'm going to Cradle Mountain tomorrow, hopefully it shall snow! Golly, I've still got to do my Ben Lomund post... maybe I'll combine them...?



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  1. good luck with everything you're entering1

    let us know how you go!

    x Nomes


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