Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith review...


The story is written by Cassandra, it is written in three parts, each part being a new journal; she lives in an old castle that her father took a forty year lease on with her family- her sister Rose, who's filled with longing for a better life, Topaz, her stepmother and artiste, her father who is a writer with a writers block that is making the family poorer everyday and her brother Thomas, who is very clever.
The family is very poor, but they stay strong, and after the landloard dies (they haven't exactly been paying the rent recently, not that he cared) and the new heir from America comes over to England, with his brother, to tak over the hall he was left, the family think they might just have been saved, that their hopes have been heard.
And as they all, in their different ways, form bonds to the new arrivals, things do seem to be changing, for the better you'd think, but is it really becoming better? Is life becoming easier?

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What I thought:

I can't wait to read I capture the Castle again- I was a little hassled with books (or thought I was going to be) when I began it, so I would love to read it again, soon, when I'm not.
I first watched the film, which I didn't like for a while of it, but by the time it was over I was in love with it- with the characters, the style, the era, the feeling, the depth.
Cassandra is a truly one of a kind character and the story she has to share is something you'll never again hear... it's more than beautiful.
It's needful in a way that it doesn't need you, but Cassandra does, it's real, all of it, because it just must be, it's written so truthfully that it can't be anything but.
It's remarkable and never will there be a book quite like it.

Read it,


  1. Haha I Must Say I Love This Picture Of You! Idk What It Is About It, But I Just Love It!! And Since I Live In America I Also Find It Quite Funny That You Are All Rapped Up It Warm Clothes As It Is Summer Here.
    Sounds Like A Good Story To ME!!
    Con Mucho Amor,

  2. Also! I Wanted To Respond To Your Comment :)
    I Have Gotten The Book In But I Havent Had The Chance To Pick It Up!! I Am Soooo Excited To Get My Hands On It!! :)
    Btw, The Weather Is Extremely Hot Here!! Haha I Live In The Desert And So It Is The Worst Haha But We Have Some Good Days :)
    Con Mucho Amor,
    Haha Again :)

  3. I picked this up, but somehow it fell to the bottom of my TBR pile from the library and I had to return it. You've made me want to check it out again!


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