Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm back!

Well, I am back from Cradle Mountain, and it was just awesome! And guesses of guess world what? It snowed last night so it was all snowy! In celebration I did a Vlog! Which will probably take an age to upload, but it's worth it, because it's got snow in it! YAY!
The snow looked so magical that I stayed out on the deckish thing for about 5 minutes talking to myself (ie the video camera) about it.
Bet you're all looking forward to that- sadly I shall have to post it another day as it's not loading... sad.
I hope you enjoy the Video Blog post (when it comes), and the images!

My own watermark! Snowy snow snow.

Me, in coldness of snow.

Me, getting a snowball... in snow.


*Smiley face*

I did that just for you here.

Little shoes- of my sisters.

Trademark converse.

The next morning.

Rainforest walk.

Aren't my boots smashing?

How very prettyful..

So snowy!

She didn't really like snow.


And awesomely, when I got back there were books awaiting me in the post! 1 boomerang books critics club book, one proof which I won and one proof which I am reviewing! Can't wait to start! I shall be book posting soon, I forsee! Yippie!
And while I was away, I read a quite unique book by (French) author Delphine De Vigan called No & Me.
You should read it.
Yes you should.
Ought to I suppose.
Lovingly the slightly wet,
Romi.xxx- I shall try to post the vlog soonish.
P.S. I did what I had to do and threw the first snow ball at Edie... I would say that she liked it, only she didn't.
I sort of made her cry... a little.
But I had to give her a snowball! She'll get used to me.
And my snowballs!


  1. Love the snowy wonderland photos and your charming commentary :)

  2. love all these photos romi! they are so atmospheric :) also looks FREEZING!


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