Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No And Me by Delphine De Vigan review...

What I thought:

I was enitially interested in No and Me because I won a Allen And Unwin competition and had the chance to choose and YA book from their site, and browsing through pages and pages of YA novels, I found this one.
I ended up not choosing it, but got it from the library instead, because it sounded rather spiffily grand!
Well, I took it to Cradle mountain and wondered for a time wether or not I should keep reading it... I did and am very glad that I choose that route.
It was a very different book, unlike anything I've ever come across...  I really loved the fact that it was French and set in Paris, the names, the style... it all made it extra unique!
It is quite a hard subject, a homeless girl, and there were subsiquencially (spelling check?) parts that I didn't like... but it made me think ad left me wondering.
And I liked that.

I recommend it, but warn that there is a little bit of language.


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  1. LOVE this review and i loved the book as well ~ and i already featured it on my blog ;)

    thanks for saying hi to me in your post romi!

    x Nomes


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