Saturday, June 4, 2011

Winner of awesome Kate Knapp book announced!

Hello Poppies,

Well, the contest to win Nest Eggs, the amazing Kate Knapp quotation book full of lovely and inspiring images, has closed.
Thank you to everyone who entered and I loved all your entries! Thank you!
I've only just (trust me, just is just, less than a minute- I stopped writing this blog post the choose!) chosen the winner and it was amazingly hard! I couldn't say if it would be easier to choose if I had 20 entries of 2.... both would be just as hard probably!
Well, it was so hard that I was about to give up and decide over the weekend, but just once more looking over, I spotted one (I'd already read it 3 times or so) and it just made my stomach twirl pleasantly... I knew it was the one.

So, thank you Jess, Brittany, Amy and Lili- I loved all your entries! They were all just smashing, but the winner of this amazingly awesome Kate Knapp quotation book is... Krystal! Congratulations! I'll send you an email now and post it next week sometime!

Thank you all! I had so much fun! But I am looking forward to posting again!


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  1. Thank You So Very Much!! :)
    I Have A Question:
    Its About Christmas? And If You Dont Celebrate It Then dont Worry About It But::

    I Live On The Other Side Of The World And I Have Always Wondered How Christmas Works?? Here Chistmas Is All About Snow And Snow Men And Such Things...So How Do You Do It When Its Summer??
    Hahaha Thank You Again So Much!!!!
    Krystal :)


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