Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Little Lord Launtleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett review...

Thank you to my mother for buying me this awesome book! It was brilliant!

What I thought:
Little Lord Fauntleroy was quite remarkable- I didn't know much at all about it and wondered where the big lead up in the story was heading, but I throughly enjoyed reading it!
Cedric and his mother were equally brilliant characters and I loved being friends with them and living in their world for the two days it took me to read, all the characters were one of a kind and wholly unique and un-removable from the story.
The only problem was that I may've rushed it a little because of a slightly stacking up reading pile, so I can't wait to go again into the world of Little Lord Fauntleroy!

(I wrote this months ago!)


  1. Whether you wrote it months ago or just now, I'm so glad you finally posted this -- don't you just love it when your mom buys you a book and you love it? Mine hasn't done that in forever (just because I already buy so many LOL), but this one sounds wonderful! I love that all the characters are one of a kind -- I'm sure I'm going to love them all! ;)

    Thanks for the amazing review, Romi! :) I really like the simple-yet-catching cover for this too <3


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