Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Small Island by Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch review...

What I thought:
One Small Island, well, what can I say?
Conservation, saving a wild island, natural habitat, teaching a younger set of people with a favourite Australian author (who is amazing!) about what things we do do and a cover that is really, really, amazing.
It's shiney and wavey.
I like it.
A lot.
I do.
A lot.

Well, One Small Island is a shocker of an amazingly fantastic book, written in a way that is easy to read and understand, a way that makes the reader think and work things out for thmselves.
You can really read it in two ways- the short way, not going into the detail of Coral's pictures and not reading everything she's written in them and just reading the story by itself, or reading everything, cover to cover, in a sitting.
Like I did!
Though I'm very interested in reading just the story by itself at some point too.

So basically, if you have any inkling, children or want to know about a desperately sad Australian island that is slowly but surely being made happy again, get this book when it comes out in August- not a long time to wait.
And even if you don't want to read about those things.
It's co written by Alison Lester.
I mean, who doesn't love Alison Lester?

No one.
Get it, and let me know! *Smiling!*

One Small island is the best picture book I've read in a long time- a perfect book for me.

Thank you to Puffin for supplying this for me!


  1. Hi Romi,
    Just roaming around and found your blog. I cannot tell you what a thrill it was to read what you have said about our book. You obviously love books and special places....and will always! Thank you so much.
    Coral Tulloch

  2. Hi Romi,
    Just reading your gorgeous piece again, which brings tears to my eyes...you have understood the essence of the book and explain my pieces as pictures, which we wanted to make like journal entries over time. And because I was thinking about this, I thought there is a book you might like to read. It may be a little hard to find, but a good book shop should have this! It's by Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities. You will be able to open this at any page and be transported to cities of emotion and inspiration...my favourite!......Coral

  3. Hi Coral!
    Thank you so much for commenting! If you haven't gotten my email (I sent it off this morning) ad you see this comment- I was wondering if you could give me your contact email so I could ask you a few questions?
    Thank you so much for commenting and reading my review!



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