Friday, July 1, 2011

The Shadow Thief by Alexandra Adornetto review...

What I thought:

I enitially read The Shadow Thief (and the whole series) when it first came out, but was majorly struggling with finding a book to read and thus decided to read it again.
I wasn't disappointed at all.
The Shadow Thief is a very inspirational read from a young writer and is simply wholly unique and one of a kind!
It's a first novel not to be missed, even if you don't like the sound of it! A novel for many people of many ages.
I adored the names too.



  1. I Got My Book!!! :) I Will Be Posting On My Blog Some Of My Favorite Quotes :) I Absolutely Love It And I Am Sooo Grateful That You Do Contests And Such :)
    Con Mucho Amor,

  2. Hey have you read Alexandra Adornetto's Halo? Is the Shadow Thief better than that? --oh and I love the new layout. :D

  3. At first I was reluctant to read this book, but now it's one of my favorites!


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