Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is Shyness by Leanne Hall review...

What I thought:
This is Shyness has been described as being "Full of Comic Book Cool" and the author, Leanne Hall, has said that it's "The kind of night you can only have when you're a teen" and after finishing it, I had felt both those crazy, virtually undescribable feelings and along the way surprised myself be feeling them!
I'd heard so much about This is Shyness, and being the winner of the Text prize interested be a whole lot as well- then there's the amazingly wonderful cover- it's rippingly amazingly perfect for the book.
But is was strange, because I am not a fan of books with sware words in them, the book seems to loose a lot of it's potential when I read heaps in the first few pages, but even though there were a decent amount of swares and some themes which I wouldn't generally read, it made the book what it is and I wouldn't risk sacrificing any of them... any of it.
This is Shyness is a teriffic book from a teriffic author and by the end, I had: throughly enjoyed myself, adored the two main characters, wanted to go back, not wanted it to end and am in eager await for the next book from Leanne.
And another thing- it ended up as being one of my favourite books of 2011!

Thank you to Leanne and Text Publishing for supplying this copy for me!

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