Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Awesome and wholly brilliant Q&A with...

Tessa Kiros, the amazing author of many books, including Apples for Jam, did a Q&A with me! YAY!
Here is is, enjoy!

*Why do you write?
Words are my expression of all that is in my mind - that I have seen, loved, collected.

*What inspires you?
Travel, small details and finishes (anything really), fabrics, colours, flowers, energetic people, passionate people, just people, cultures, children, movies....

*Do you have a favourite book?
Hmmm  So many.  recent is 'The god of small things'. I am reading 'Gullivers travels' again at the moment. I loved 'the story of an African farm' that we read at school. I love Laurie Colwin - Home cooking + more home cooking.

*Do you have a favourite recipe to cook?
Prawns with feta, lemon and piri piri. Gravadlax. Lately I love making pizza. And I adore making ice cream

*Are you writing any more books?
Yes.  I am working on one inspired by Italy, nature, my husbands mother. And I have other books inside me after that

*What is your favourite thing to do?
Travel. With my family.

*In a  movie of your life, who would the main be acted by?
My daughters

*Who do you most look up and aspire to?
I think older people, - who are not grumpy, who have gone towards what they wanted , and see the glass as half full, who love their life

*Where do you one day dream to live?
In a house by the sea but still with some wild garden around it and beautiful view of nature. I want to hear the sea from my bed. And a boat outside. And a village nearby.

Thank you so much Tessa! Your answers were inspirational!
Keep being inspired my friends,

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