Monday, August 22, 2011

Cargo by Jessica Au review...

Thank you to Macmillian for this review copy!

What I thought:
I thought this book was heartbreaking- both boldly told and truthfully told.
It was a beautifullr crafted piece of work, some of the themes were difficult to come to terms with, especially with the age of the characters, one of the youngest having a relationship with a persom much older than herself because it's what she feels will make him love her.
But it leaves unanswered questions at the same time, what happened to them? Did she get pregnant? Did she move away? What did he do with life? Did she swim across the oceans???
It's part of the story though, I think, because the reader must decide.

I loved the idea of this, though not all of it specifically suited my favourite sorts of books to read/themes.
But I did enjoy it, it was easy to sink into, but hard at the same time, due to the themes.
It's a lovely book- and the cover, oh wow! I adore that!


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