Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goodreading update and upcoming book reviews...


This is a weekendey post, I'm not feeling too well so I won't pre write the book reviews as I was going to, but I'll give you a taste of the book reviews that are coming... and let you in on my recentish news!

I've been writing a lot more lately, which is happy, and after taking a fair old break because I was lacking a bit of writing feeling, I'm going better than ever I feel! Taking it slowly and easily, I'm going at a great pace for me and I love how my story is progressing!

This coming week I'm going to be doing reviews for: a cookbook (never before seen here!), a wonderous novel from 2005 which I have justr read and either Little Lord Fauntleroy or The Invetion of Hugo Caberet.
I've written the last two up, I did ages ago actually, but am going to keep one for emergency lack of post time, so which one would you like me to post this coming week? Hugo of Fauntleroy?

In other news my Good Reading Magazine Article has been published! YAY!
I've got a full page, pictures and it looks very professional and lovely dovely! A few bits and pieces got changed and taken out, but I like it and feel truly honoured to have been able to do it, it was a great experience and I adored it! I'd love to do similar things! (Look out for a picture of me with the article in question later in the next week!)
Make sure you get a copy! The article title is Read 15! Woo! I'm exuberent and happy and excited!

Bye now my grand friends- (Oh and welcome to the ranks out new friend Kelley! Hi!)

Lovingly always,

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