Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Invention of Hugo Caberet by Brian Selznick review...

What I thought:
I'd read The Invention of Hugo Caberet when it first came out, and luckily I got my own copy, but being in a slump for books I picked it up and began to read.
It's a really one in a never any more book- partly told with amazing, hand crafted pictures, partly with the written word.
Everything is is perfect equalness and it couldn't be a more wonderful book.
The story isn't at all complicated and it's brilliant being able to design your own story with reading the pictures... it's a brilliant story, being made into a movie as well!
And I truly and undefyably (new word!) want you all to read it.
Please do, because it's worth it a hundred fold.



  1. I've seen it at stores and the library and have flipped through. I haven't read it yet, but it's really nice to get some background on the story, so thanks!

  2. it's gorgeous. i'd love copies of the prints to stick up in my room.

  3. At first it doesn't seem like a book I'd read, but you make it sound like it was amazing, so I'll have to put it on my 'To Read' list =)

  4. it´s look very long but i read it in less than 4 hours, the story is great a little bit sad! i like your blog


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