Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Perfume River- Writing from Vietnam by Multiple Authors review...(and questions)

Thank you to UWAP for this copy!

What I thought:
I loved the sound of this book, but sadly I found as an overall it to be disappointing.
Most of the short stories I read in it weren't for me, they wern't the sort of writing or themes that I enjoy and take a pleasure reading, but then there were a few totally amazing little jems, as you say.
I found maybe 7 to 10 poems and short stories that I truly found to be great and funnily, as I don't tend to read much poetry, or haven't yet, poems got to me more in this book then short stories.
There were 2 I think that really were beautiful, and though as an overall I didn't enjoy this book, maybe these little sparks made up for it.
They were truly inspiring, and who knows, I'm sure you out there will be sure to find many more in this book that will leave you thinking.

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