Monday, August 1, 2011

Sizzles is an EXTREMELY clever dog- based on the series by Lauren Child review...

Thank you to Puffin for supplying this review copy!

What I thought:
I've been a good honest Charlie and Lola fan for a good long time now, and this book is simply awesome! I adore the fact that it has a finger puppet sizzles, and it still contains all the brilliant Lolaish that you can be sure to find in any Lauren Child book, and don't fear, Lola is yet again decked out in all her most magnificent clothes imaginable! YAY!
Though be warned, when I got this book in the post and my sister showed it to Edie, she did get quite frightened, but has now warmed to it nicely... though I believe I now have to share it with her, though I'm sure we shall have glorious times reading it together in times to come...!
It's an awesome book!

It's a really cool book this one!


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  1. i love charlie and lola :D
    charlie is the coolest big brother ever!


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