Monday, August 8, 2011

Theo and Co- The search for the perfect Pizza by Theo Kalogeracos review...(first cookbook!)

Thank you to UWAP, the publishers, for supplying this review copy.

What I thought:
I really liked this cookbook, it was quite unlike any cookbook that I'd ever read/cooked from, because none that I've really used have had stories behind them like this one did, and I rather enjoyed finding out about Theo and his parents, family and friends, reading about the cooking competitions he did ect. and it was also super dooper interesting reading about how to get the best dough, because my family has been a fan of the homemade pizza for quite a while, and cook it regularly, so it was awesome so see how we could improve our dough, and it'll be tres interesting to see how it goes once in the kitchen!
I loved the sound of some of the desert pizza's too, they looked nice...!
I can't wait to start cooking from it, and the pages smelt really nice too, I love a book that has nice smelling pages... *sigh*
I shall be reviewing recipes here soon, hopefully.
Unless my cooking experiances don't go well, but I still will anyway, trust me!


  1. I love cooking! I'm not nessecarily a good cook though... That sounds like a really cool cook book. Desert pizza sounds amazingly yummy anyways.

  2. OO I <3 cookbooks, and your blog, as always, is adorable. I'm emailing you back today, too. Excited :)

  3. Your personality and your CUTENESSS has be gobbling up this blog!!! You're fabulous. The pictures are fun too!! A cookbook review! This was the coolest ever!!!

    PS - I'm addicted to pizza ESPECIALLY dessert pizza!!!

  4. Hi Romi
    thanks for the kind words
    Theo Kalogeracos x

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate it!


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