Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bag in the Wind by Ted Kooser review...

A bag, perfectly good for use, got thrown out and has ended up in the dumpster, where is is unearthed by a woman driving her bulldozer about, and that's the beginning.
Throughout the day, wind tugs and pulls at it until finally it get's out of it's spot and slies through the sky, meeting new people who do and don't notice it, who can and can't find a new use for it- this is an amazing story about keeping things that ought to be kept.

Thank you to Walker Books for this review copy!

What I thought:
Such an amazing story as this ought to be given out to everybody, I think, there is almost a duty like feeling of other people HAVING to read it, because it's inspiring, sad and wholly truthful.
The story clicked within me and made me remember and repent, it could well be about every person in the world, this story, only not everyone will find a use for a bag flying about on the street, no matter how good it is.
I loved how there was the bag's story, and all the people it saw's as well, a giant thing for you, the reader, to think over and over, during the tale and afterwards; the pictures only complimented this amazing book, a book for everyone!

Recycle lots today and everyday,
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  1. I think I might just buy this book and read it with my little sister =)


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