Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Good Life by Adrian Richardson review... (day 2 of five in the cooking days)

Thank you to Macmillan for this fantastic review copy!

What I thought:
I was in love with this book as soon as I saw it, felt it, smelt it (I've got a kind of obsession over smelling books...not a bad thing- any of you do it? Weird question, but interesting... okay, back to the review) and then looked through it.
The pictures are just amazing, they're fabulous and I can't honestly get enough of them, it could just be a photography book and that in itself would be enough and the recipes! Oh my! I am totally in love with some of them, and have already made a Raspberry Lemonaid twice from this, and some honey cookies- the lemonade is a favourite, the cookies, well, I think something major went wrong there.
The recipes are so easy to follow, and it's not (as the appauling McDonalds add says) "Smanchy" whatever that it, this is filled with the kind of food that you'd want to make and eat regularly, and will, of that I am sure!
This is probably one of my all time favourite cookbooks... I love it!


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  1. i LOVE cookbooks.
    my favourite books are probably Sam Stern, his book Eat Vegetarian is great. i recently bought Mix and Bake which is fabulous, i made peanut butter biscuits from it and i had to make then again yesterday.


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