Monday, September 26, 2011

One Bowl- Allergy Free baking by Linda Bosnic review... (Day 4 of five in cooking days)

What I thought:
I'm really in love with the thoughts behind this cookbook, I think it's always sad when those with food intolerances can't join in at a birthday party or when going out to dinner, as you'll hardly ever see them being catered for, and that, I think, will be hard for them particularly, being that littel bit seperate.
So this book is wonderful for fixing those situations, so there don't need to be any! And it's not like you have to ook these things all the time, you can still make the origonal version, but when  someone with a food intolerance is coming over, this book will be a wizz! It's fantastic!

Thank you to Wakefield Press for this review copy!

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  1. that's brilliant!
    belinda jefferey's does lots of gluten free recipies which are great :)


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