Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Brief Chapter in my Impossible Life by Dana Reinhardt review...

What I thought:
I loved A brief Chapter in my Impossible Life- Simmone was a fairly awesome character and I loved the way it was told and thought out-  highly a winner with me, this one.
It had the perfect amount of laugh out loud scenes, sorrowful times and embarising moments to make it a highly enjoyable book, and I actually have described it as being a more mature version of the Georgia Nicholson books- except I like it a lot more than the ones of them that I actually read.
I had no idea until I started reading that this is actually a YA book, I thought it was middle grade fiction and that shocked me, but it was a nice surprise and I really enjoyed it, more so, I think, than if it had been a middle grade novel.
And I was thrilled because this book shows with ease that to be a YA book, you don't have to have lots of swearing, as quite a lot I've looked at do have, and this one, if I remember correctly, only had one swear word! YAY!
It was thrillingly amazing and I'm off to see what else Dana Reingardt wrote-

Thank you to Walker Books for this review copy!

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