Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Decline in Prophets by Sulari Gentill review...

Title- A Decline in Prophets.
Series- Rowland Sinclair.
Author- Sulari Gentill.
Publish Date- 1/7/2011.
Publisher- Pantera Press.
Related Books- A Few Right Thinking Men, Chasing Odysseus.

Review Time!

What I thought:
I don't think I can really get past Sulari Gentill's murder series- it's so thrilling, captivating, page turning and all together to amazingly undescribable in it's greatness for words.
I was very eager to read this, the second book in the series, after devouring the first, and it was just as brilliant! I loved the quirky new characters and the fact that the book doesn't end as soon as the ship reaches Australia, as I presumed it would, I loved the fact that every character was just as cleverly described, having the same raging and witty conversations and the fact that my two favourite characters didn't get any closer... *Sigh...* no matter how much I cheered them on.

I adore this series and am hanging out for the thrid installment in 2012! Get reading the entire series yourselves before then!

Thank you to Pantera Press for this review copy!

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  1. thank you for all the lovely comments :)
    i haven't been to many book launches, i went to my aunt's poetry book, Triple Ripple by brigid lowry and annabel again by meg mikinly and the most recent morganville vampire book.
    i'll do a post up advertising your competition, sorry i've been off line for a while and busy with a MASSIVE art assignment.
    AND i'll go and review fill in the details to review your story, i was actually meaning too, so thank you for reminding me.

    i'd be interested to hear what you thought of Mice if you ever read it.


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