Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Dictionary of Sea Quotations by Edward Duyker review...

What I thought:
I'm rather flabbergasted by the size and amount of quotes in this book- it's quote epic and I can't believe that it was all done by one person- a very huge feat!
I loved finding quotes from authors and books that I knew, especially the Austen ones, though I was a bit startled to find that there were none from C.S. Lewis, especially as one of his books (The one with sea in the title... Dawn Treader...? I forget the name) is basically all playd out on the sea... weird, but it is an especially magnificent book and I raise my glass of whatever's in it to anyone who can accomplish such a feat as this!
Overall, a very terrific book!

Thank you to Dr. Duyker and UMP for this reviewing copy.

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